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    React - Next.js - C#

    Full stack web development - Windows & Mac client software

About me

  • Bio

    I'm Franky De Meyer and EAZIGN is the company I created for all my contractor work as senior developer. I've been active in the world of electronics and software for a few decades, and still consider myself a start-up. I'm only just getting up to speed.

  • Experience

    I've worked for small businesses as well as large companies, both as contractor and employee. My desire is to do contractor work, preferably in long term product or service development. DeepMeta is a great example. It's a project I started in 2007 and still fully support. It has a large base of satisfied users that consider it in invaluable to their daily work flow.

  • Early passion

    Ever since I was young, I was obsessed with technology. When my high school peers were busy playing football and chasing girls, I designed electronics devices.

    These ranged from a peanut butter jar that made loud sounds when you picked it up (to my sister's dismay), all the way to an 8 channel intercom network and lottery prediction gadget (ok, so apparently that didn't work out, did it ;).

  • Current passion

    I'm now totally into software, but my electronics background still pulls me towards projects that require programs to be lean and mean, optimized to the bone if the need arises.

    I still like the odd assembly code gig but have to admit that React/NextJS and C# are my new mantras. Being an avid photographer and occasional designer, it's probably no surprize that anything even remotely web related is my thing.


Web Design

From static web presence page up to full website. My specialty is software but I have some graphics & design skills as well

Software Development

Any software project requiring knowledge of C, C++, C# or JavaScript/TypeScript

IoT development

Internet Of Things is my passion, so contact me if you need anything related. I have experience with MQTT and the other protocols of the Internet

Desktop Apps

Cross-platform apps that run on Windows and Mac, using Xamarin tools


I have extensive experience in both JavaScript and TypeScript

React / NextJS

I've been early adopter of Node.js ever since it came out. Now I'm working on a major NextJS project.


Some feedback from co-developers and clients


Here's a list of technology areas where EAZIGN can provide solutions for your project

  • Programming languages

    JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++

  • Platforms & frameworks

    Node.js, React, NextJS, ASP.net, WinForms, WPF, Xamarin, SQL/Postgres Server

  • Front end

    SPA (Single Page Applications), HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, React, NextJS. design, photography. Basically the entire toolset to create engaging and dynamic web applications.

  • Back end

    API and web server development using Node.js or ASP.net. SQL server or noSQL datastores, Cloud integration to Azure or Amazon AWS.

  • IoT & embedded

    Can work with a grand variety of tools for embedded software: Motorola, Intel, Zilog, Microchip. Embedded languages: raw assembly, C, C++, DSP. Hardware: oscilloscope, data analyers. Special interest in low level protocols, TCP, UDP, HTTP2, MQTT.

  • Integration

    If your project requires a combination of the mentioned technologies, you're in good hands. I find the greatest satisfaction in projects that combine many different technologies. I believe my strength is in having deep experience, ranging from UI/front-end, over server technology, all the way down to the nitty gritty details of the electronics that power them.

Years of experience, and counting ...


Satisfied Clients

Both as contractor and employee, I've delivered a good amount of projects that were a technical success


Lines of code

The quantity of code produced is hardly ever a measure of quality, often it's the opposite. So better move on to the next counter


Total bugs left

Okay, I admit there must be a few left here and there. Make no mistake though: zero bug count is what I'm going for